Elcon in HOB 9-2012


More possibilities thanks to higher demands


The production of Furniture often asks special solutions. Stephan Wöhlke, co-owner of Furniture manufacturer Wöhlke, had very special demands for panel sizing system. In Elcon and Ardis he found the suitable partner.


Already since 1908 the company from Stuhr near Bremen offers furniture of high standards. The high quality of the products mirrors itself in the manufacturing. Therefor were the wishes for a new panel sizing system big: It should not only be space saving, but also be operating fully automatic and programmable. Wöhlke found the suitable solution in the combination of the fully automatic vertical Elcon panel saw, model Advance Quadra and a software package from Ardis. What first appeared to be unthinkable, that namely a vertical offered more possibilities than a horizontal panel saw, has found Wöhlke with his new machine.


User-friendly and precise The new saw is loaded with a panel lifting device. Than the operator calls up a programme and the cutting to size of the workpiece follows completely fully automatic. First the panel is lifted by two clamps for making a reference cut at the bottom. While the panel is placed again on the bottom rollers, the saw-unit positions itself already for the first strip size. The operator just pushes the start button and the cutting to size is executed.

After that the strip is cut. Than the saw-unit automatically turns from horizontal to vertical and moves to the cutting position. The strip is likewise moved to the cutting position by a controlled pusher with gripper clamp. Here follows first the vertical reference cut, before the pusher positions the strip for the individual final dimensions. The strip is cut, according to the cutting pattern, into the different sizes. Subsequently the remaining panel is put down and the next strip is processed. The operator only has to take the final workpieces of the machine.


Interesting controls The controls of the panel saw are also exiting. Several employees from the manufacturing engineering copy bills of material for a project into the Ardis software. The programme optimizes now the cutting pattern. With the rest-management it refers to panel to be used. On the screen at the PC next to the machine, the operator can now read where the panel is that he wants to cut. The PC next to the machine has of course a label printer. The operator provides every ready workpiece with a bar-code label for the further processing. In case of a rest piece, the operator also fits a label and it can subsequently be stocked for later use. Also the ordering of the panel materials can be managed by the software. When panels are missing for a project, than these can simply be ordered by the planning department.