Vision on sawing

The ELCON technological research activities in the field of sizing panel materials, were aimed at the development of precision guidance systems over long lengths and at the development of programmable control systems.
For the guidance system, the development over the years was executed in close cooperation with technical research centers (such as the Centre for Lightweight Constructions), the Delft Technical University and industrial design and engineering companies. This resulted a.o. in a revolutionary solution for a tension-free mounting of precision rails on self-rigid carrying modules. From this invention, a spin-off of many different applications were made available, like the Hybrid concept for automatic angle cutting, giant cut-to-size systems with lengths upto 20 meters, cross-cut saws for sandwich panels, angled scoring systems and one-blade 3-axis servo controlled post-forming saws.
The development of programmable control systems was aimed at making the use of the machines as easy as possible, also for operators at a lower skill level. Therefor ELCON was the first to develop and introduce touch-screen technology for vertical panel saws. With this innovation the operator sees on his screen only those butoons that are relevant at that moment. The subsequent links to a PC-environment and panel optimization complete the ease of operation. As a spin-off of the touch-screen technology, the Easystop positioning system was developped, resulting in a very user-friendly programmable stop system for general cross-cut saws.

The focus for technical innovations from Elcon is to make life easier for those that operate sawing machines. A fine example is the integration of touch-screen technology. Also for inexperienced users the touch-screen points out very clearly how to operate the machine and shows every time just that information that is relevant at that moment. In that way the possibility of making a mistake is very small and even if a failure appears, the screens displays where it is located.

Another field of attention for product innovations was ELCON's emphasis on Health and Safety aspects.
For this reason the industry's most effective dust collection system was developped in the early 90's. This Limpio system collects the dust at the very source where it is created and by completely covering in the saw blade, it reaches the lowest dust-emission values with a minimal air-flow requirement.
In order to provide the most optimal solution for panel handling during sizing, the Advance system was introduced at the beginning of this century. With this system the operator does not need to manipulate the panels in between horizontal and vertical cutting, thus saving staff, time, risks of damage and the operators back.

ELCON's dedication to constant innovation of both products and processes has lead to the successful company that it is today, based on the most modern production techniques, where innovation and flexibility are the top priorities. In the last decades many innovative ideas are transformed into reality and patented. And many of these ideas, which have revolutionised working with vertical panel saws, can be found in the new model ADVANCE²QUADRA. Users are exited about the numerous unique concepts that are realised in the ADVANCE²QUADRA. "But also whilst we are convinced that with the ADVANCE range of panel saws we have created an almost perfect machine, we will not stop to work on further innovations".

The ELCON vertical panel saws are used in a wide range of different types of industry. Where the smaller models are mainly used in small workshops and DIY-outlets because of their compactness, the more extensive versions find their way to woodworking-, plastics-, and aluminium-industry. The succes of ELCON within the international DIY- chains also originates from them being served through an extensive service network, The larger industries highly value the capability of ELCON to respond precisely to their needs with tailor-made sawing solutions for a wide variety of panel materials, such as sandwich panels, Alu-bond, Corian, Trespa, Thermoclear, gypsum, post-forming, acrylic, polycarbonate and many others.